10 Household Items To Repurpose To Get Organized

It is time to get organized! I am waaayy behind on the craft room challenge because well life. I have actually been doing the things but getting pictures and all that up has been a struggle. Sometimes life happens and when it rains it pours. As long as I get it all done in the end that is what matters. Then I will be organized and on track for the rest of the year! Hallelujah! Last week was purging and while I did purge some stuff, I am still not done with all of that aaaannd I didn’t get the post up last week. My daughter and man got a day off in the middle of the week for an ice day(apparently that’s a thing in Florida haha) and my plans went out the window. We had some much needed family time and a mini road trip but I didn’t get the things I needed to get done. Then I had a sponsored post that I thought was due on one day but it was really a day earlier. This is why I need to get organized! Plus wedding details, the countdown is on to my wedding, it is less than two months away, holy cow!

This week I am focused on how to get organized. I’m not a naturally organized person. I have stuff in random boxes and places where it doesn’t make sense. I thought it would be fun to see what I have around the house to use for organization and I came up with some fun ideas. Next week I will make the things all pretty and decorative. I got some fun spray paint that I can’t wait to use and really bring everything together.

Here are 10 house hold items to repurpose to get organized:

  1. Mason jars. These jars are fun to use on desktops for pens, pencils, and small items to have on hand. They look cute and keep you organized. You can spray paint them or add a ribbon around it to make it look fun. 
  2. Plastic grocery bags. I have a ton of these even though I try to use the reusable bags at the grocery store some times I forget them. You can put them in a tissue box to grab when you need a bag to store craft supplies in. 
  3. Hangers. You can also hang up the plastic grocery bags. Hangers work for hanging up tissue paper. My office closet has a bunch of stuff on the floor and I could use the extra space. Hanging things up solves that problem. 
  4. Kitchen drawer organizers. These little bins can work for desktop stuff as well as in drawers. They are cheap and easy to use for little items. 
  5. Party trays! I love this cute tray with the little sections for all of my small items. It is from the dollar store and let me tell you the dollar store has a bunch of stuff to use for organization. 
  6. Food containers. This one is fun because well cookies. You can eat your cookies and wash out the container to use for storage. 
  7. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I am always saving these for projects and honestly I rarely use them. However, I am going to use some for getting organized. It works perfect for a glitter holder!
  8. Plastic bags. I have things tossed in drawers that don’t fit right into containers. Plastic bags help to keep these from getting mixed together. You can label them with sharpies with different colors to make them color coded and easy to find.
  9. Buckets. Buckets are good for items that can’t fit into small jars. You can also hang these up on hangers. 
  10. Picture frames. You can just put a white piece of paper in the frame and use a dry erase marker to write notes. I am also using paint samples to make a little calendar!

Any of these you can make pretty with some spray paint or card stock paper.

Welcome to the 2018 Craft Room Challenge! From January 3rd through January 31st, 14 crafty bloggers will be sorting, organizing, cleaning, and decorating their craft spaces. Each of us has a very different craft space to tackle, so chances are you will find one similar to yours. We’d love for you to join in on the fun challenge and clean right alongside us. Follow along and join in on social media by using #craftroomchallenge and #confessyourmess. You can also find us and the challenge via our social media accounts you’ll see listed on each of our sites. We’ll also have 15-minute mini daily challenges for you in case you have limited time to dedicate to the challenge. We hope you share your messy spaces and progress with us so we don’t feel alone this month!

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10 Household Items to repurpose to get organized


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