Unicorn Balloons

Doesn’t everyone want to be a unicorn or have a unicorn? Well now you can have one just in balloon form. It is easy to make your own unicorn balloons. They won’t float but you can hang them all over to decorate a party! You could also use them for centerpieces just put them on top of vase.

What you need:

balloons in white, pink or rainbow colors

black sharpie

metallic or bright colorful rainbow tissue paper

  1. Blow up balloons.
  2. Draw on face as shown above with a black sharpie, I used blue because I couldn’t find black at the moment but black would show up better.
  3. Take a party hat cut it in half. Glue the edges of the half together.
  4. Punch a hole through the top about an inch down and add ribbon to hang.
  5. On the bottom add strips of the metallic tissue paper or colorful tissue paper. You can tape them to the inside or punch a hole and tie them on. When you put the horn on the balloon put the hair slightly to the side of the face.
  6. Add tape to the inside of the balloon sticky side facing out spread out around the horn. Attach it to the top of the balloon making sure the tape is sticking to the balloon.
  7. Hang balloons from the top of the horns.

Fun Unicorn Balloon DIY Easy Unicorn Balloons Unicorn Balloons

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