DIY Minnie Autograph Ears

Minnie Ears for Autographs

On our recent trip to Disney World I wanted to make it extra special for my daughter since it was her first time there. She is obsessed with meeting all of the characters and getting their autograph. I made these fun DIY Minnie autograph ears to collect all those autographs and for a fun keepsake. She loved them and meeting all of her favorite characters especially the Star Wars ones. She dressed up like Princess Leia for the occasion.

What you need to make them:

white cardstock or foam paper

plain thin headband

Polka dot pink or red ribbon

hot glue gun

cup to trace

  1. Take the foam paper and fold it in half.
  2. Take a cup or something with a circle shape and trace it twice on the foam paper but have it hanging slightly over the edge.
  3. Cut out the pieces and glue it to the headband folding the attached part over the headband. 
  4. Take ribbon and wrap it around three times or as many times needed to make two full loops when spread out. Tie a smaller piece of ribbon around the middle to hold it together.
  5. Glue the ribbon bow to the middle of the headband.

Now you are ready for some autographs!

These ears are really simple to make and perfect for a creative way to collect characters autographs! Just bring a black sharpie for the characters to write on the ears. You can wear them around to get those autographs extra fast and now my daughter will have this as a keepsake from her first trip.

Easy DIY Autograph Minnie Ears

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