DIY Hanging School Supplies Organizer

School Supplies Organizer

I’m getting my daughter ready for school and something I often struggle with is organizing school supplies. She’s starting first grade and I have a cute little table for her to work at for fun or school assignments. The only problem is there is not a lot of space on the table to put supplies. That is why I decided to make a cute diy hanging school supplies organizer. The best thing about it is that I made it from a cereal box and toilet paper rolls. I just love when I can find things around the house to make stuff out of, don’t you?! Just add some washi tape and anything can look cute! It hangs easily on the wall and saves space! Lets get this crafting started!

What you need to make it:

washi tape in any colors/patterns you want. I mixed and matched with two different ones just for fun!

cereal box

toilet paper rolls

masking tape

  1. Take the cereal box and put it lengthwise across. Cut the top two thirds off leaving a strip at the bottom.
  2. Tape any edges that are loose with masking tape.
  3. Add strips of washi tape to the inside of the box on the part that is exposed. 
  4. Add washi tape to the front bottom part.
  5. Add tape around the sides.
  6. Wrap tape around the toilet paper rolls.
  7. Put the toilet paper rolls into the box.
  8. Hang up the box with thumbtacks or nails.
  9. Add school supplies.

Hang school supplies on the wall with this easy diy organizer!

It is the perfect little organizer for pencils, pens, tape, and note cards! This can work for a range of ages for kids from elementary school to high school!

DIY Hanging School Supplies Organizer

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