DIY Turkey Photo Prop

DIY Turkey Photo Prop, turn yourself into a turkey!

Sometimes I think Thanksgiving could use a little more fun! I find eating massive amounts of food fun but kids need more. My daughter and I made these fun diy turkey photo props and they were a huge hit with her! She thought it was so funny, especially when I was a turkey. Of course I made turkey sounds to add to the fun. This is an easy prop to make with kids to get them into the Thanksgiving spirit. I know Thanksgiving is not right around the corner but it is never too early to get ready for holidays! It could be because I spend too much time in craft stores and I’ve been seeing holiday stuff since July ;). Ps. I know this picture of my daughter looks a little creepy with the lighting and her doing her weird picture smile it makes her look cutely creepy haha.

What you need to make the turkey photo prop:

white foam or poster board

brown paint or paper

yellow and orange paper

circle cutter or scissors


You can see how to make the body from this post for how to make a feed the turkey game. Just don’t make the face but the rest of the process for how to make it is the same.

cut hole for the head space

First you paint the poster/foam board and glue on the paper feathers(see other turkey post for instructions to that part). Then you will trace a circle, you can use a circular plate, for the head and cut it out with scissors or an exact o knife. With the foam board a knife helps but with poster board it would be easy to use scissors. Then you are done!

Thanksgiving turkey photo propthanksgiving funny turkey prop

We had way too much fun being turkeys! I even let my daughter take a picture of me without make up on because turkeys don’t need make up!


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