Marble Chocolate Pops

Marble Chocolate Pops are easy to make and so pretty. Use two or three colors to create a marble look. White, pink and blue are perfect colors for a gender reveal party!

Marble chocolate pops are beyond easy to make and look how pretty! I don’t always follow along with the trends but I do like the marbling trend. I thought what better thing to marble than chocolate! I tried marble nails just for fun once and it was a horrible fail. I really cannot for the life of me do nails. We all have our strengths I guess. You can make these in pop form like I did or just marble with different shapes in molds. The possibilities are endless! Choose a couple colors to go with any theme party. I thought these colors would be perfect for a gender reveal party! I would suggest white and two other colors. You can use two to three colors of chocolate to get a good mix of color.

What you need to make them:

Candy melts in 2 to 3 colors(I used blue, pink and white)

lollipop sticks

large silicone ice cube tray(these trays are fun for Popsicle as well)

put candy melts in trayl swirl candy melts

Take a spoon and scoop a bit of each color of candy melts into the ice cube tray. Then swirl the colors together with a lollipop stick. I didn’t fill the sections up, they were less than half full because it would take a lot of candy melts to fill them up and you don’t want ginormous chocolates. You can use lollipop sticks or serve them just as chocolates not chocolate pops. Let them dry and remove them from the molds. Easy as that!

Marble swirl white, pink, and blue chocolate pops swirl marble pink and blue chocolate marble chocolates on a stick marble chocolate pops marble pops

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