How To Have A Really Fun Tea Party

How to have a really fun tea party

Tea parties are a good time but sometimes they can be a bit dull. I love tea and I love parties. There is sometimes just too much emphasis on the tea and not enough on the party, in my opinion. My daughter loves to throw tea parties for her little stuffed animals but we also like real tea parties too. We have learned how to have a really fun tea party and I want to share how we do it.

confetti and pink tea party

For us confetti is always a must but I get that it can be a little messy for some people. Mini disco balls and balloons also work great for fun decorations. Instead of everything all neatly lined up make it a little messy. We don’t need to be too proper. Bright colors are fun for the table clothes and plates. I always love the bright colors and in my house we are on a pink kick!

tea party for little stuffed animals fun and messy tea party

We made mini party hats for stuffed animals and you can get the template here:  I also have a medium sized one for kids and even adults. Party hats make everything more fun!

mini stuffed animal with little party hat

We had a bit of a disco tea party. For entertainment have music playing some of the time. Turn it on at random times and when it starts everyone has to get up and dance.

tea party mini oreo cake stacked oreos with frosting and sprinkles

We had mini oreo “cakes”. Mini oreos with frosting in between them, frosting and sprinkles on top. No cucumber sandwiches for us! For kids you can make pb&j rolls cut into small bites. Turkey, ham and cheese are also sandwiches the kids like. For healthy foods veggie and fruit plates with fun dips are always good. Tea parties are a time for easy food in little bites. Juice “tea” with a few choices of juice works for kids.

IMG_0573 IMG_0576 IMG_0577

This was our practice round for a tea party with lots of stuffed animal friends. It is fun to have kids come and each bring a stuffed animal friend with them. The kids can serve the stuffed animals pretend food and everyone has a good time! As you can see my daughter had a fun time hosting her stuffed animals!

me with a party hat on

I also had fun although I couldn’t fit at the little table. I had to take a picture of myself with one of the party hats we made. I guess I thought there aren’t enough embarrassing pictures of me on the internet ;). Selfies, they’re not for everyone!

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