DIY Mini Balloon Rainbow

DIY Mini Balloon Rainbow

What is better than rainbows and balloons?! This diy mini balloon rainbow is so easy to make for St. Patrick’s Day or any cheerful celebration. You can also make a bunch of little rainbows to hand all over a party. The best thing about this diy mini balloon rainbow is that you don’t need helium for the balloons you can blow them up, put them together and tada! This is such a cheap and easy party diy. One package of small balloons can go a long way! You can also make larger balloon arches with the same technique just add more balloons. I personally like the idea of a bunch of little rainbows all around and hanging above a dessert table :).

What you need to make them:

small bright or rainbow colored balloons(5 different colors)

floral wire

tissue paper or small white balloons

twine or fishing line

blow up balloons and connect them together

Blow up balloons all the same size. You need 15 balloons, 3 of each color for a mini rainbow. If you want it larger add more balloons of each color. String the balloons onto floral wire by poking a hole in the end. Put three balloons of one color around in a circular shape, then continue with another color. I started with blue, then green, then yellow, then pink and red. Add white balloons or white tissue paper to each end and twist floral wire around to secure everything in place. To hang it tie white twine or fishing line around the middle.

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