Pool Noodle Cupid’s Arrows

Pool Noodle Cupid's Arrows are so fun to make for party decorations or fun games!

For every holiday I have to do something fun and goofy. Okay, usually multiple goofy projects because that is how I roll. These pool noodle cupid’s arrows are a blast! We have been throwing them around and using them for games for the last week. You can make them for a Valentine’s party game, just for fun with kids, and to hang up as a decoration at parties. I don’t know if it is just an Arizona thing but most people I know have pool noodles in the garage that are just hanging out and not being used this time of year. This is an excellent way to use them. You can also pick some up from the dollar store, Walmart or Target! One pool noodle makes two arrows. You can use them on their own to just throw around and try aim and hit someone. You can also try to get them through a hoop or a large heart like the one I made for a photo booth here: http://valeventgal.com/2015/02/valentines-day-kissing-booth/

What you need to make them:

pool noodle(you can use any color)

tissue paper(I used red but once again you can use pink or any color you want)



Making the top of the arrow

First cut the pool noodle in half. Then take one piece of tissue paper and fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Fold the triangle in half to form a smaller triangle and in half one more time. Lift up the top part of the tissue paper and slide the pool noodle in the middle of the triangle as shown above. Tape both sides together on the left and right of the pool noodle. Then tape the tissue paper to the middle on one side then flip it over and repeat with the other side. Lots of tape is important for it to stay together if you are throwing it.

bottom of cupid's arrow

For the bottom of the arrow. Take a piece of tissue paper, fold it in half to form a rectangle shape. Wrap the tissue paper around the pool noodle tightly and tape the tissue paper together as well as to the pool noodle. Flip it over and tape the tissue paper to the pool noodle on the other side. You can cut straight up on the bottom every couple inches to make it fringed but that is not necessary.

Make pool noodles into cupid's arrows cupid's arrow pool noodles  DIY Pool Noodle Cupid's Arrows

Now you are ready to be hit with cupid’s arrow!



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