Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

I’m really in to doing nontraditional Christmas decorations. After years and years of red and green you get a little sick of it. As a kid we had a ton of ornaments that we collected over the years we would put them all on the tree. It was fun to have all of the sentimental ornaments but they were all very fragile. Now I want to avoid all of the fragile ornaments besides a few. Especially since my daughter wants to help with everything. I tend to gravitate towards bright colors and sparkly things. That is why I wanted to make some fun decorations with black, pink and gold. I made some pretty bows with gold glitter and pink ribbon. I also made some paper tassels out of pretty napkins because I just love paper tassels! You can individually hang them on branches or string them on ribbon and put them on the tree. Since we live in an apartment I am decorating mini trees. You can do the same decorations on a bigger tree for a larger space.

To make the tassels you need:

black, white and gold napkins or tissue paper(I got the napkins at Target)

ribbon or twine

hot glue gun

Fold napkin and cut

Take a napkin and unfold it. Fold each side in to the middle then cut it in half in the middle. Layer them together then cut 1/2 inch strips to 1 inch from the top. Then cut it in half as shown above.


Rolll tassel and glue it

Separate the pieces. Then take a piece and unfold it, roll it up in the middle, twist it, and fold it in half. Put a dot of hot glue a little below the folded part, you want to make sure there is enough room to slide ribbon or twine through. Then squeeze the two sides together. Let the glue dry.

For the bows you need:

thick gold glitter ribbon

thin pink or gold glitter ribbon

IMG_8105 IMG_8107 IMG_8108 IMG_8110

For the bows fold the ribbon looped around 2 or 3 times. Tie a ribbon tightly around the middle. Spread out the two looped pieces on one side and then stick your finger into the loop to round them out. Repeat with the other side. Then hang them all on the tree!

white Christmas tree with modern decor Sparkly gold and pink bow Shiny gold, pink and black decor on white Christmas tree modern mini tree and pink honeycombs Christmas bows and tassels black and gold mini tassels




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