Christmas Ornaments with Sugar Cookies Inside

Christmas Ornaments with Cookies Inside. A fun way to give presents or to hang cookies on the tree for a holiday party

I have a lot of holiday parties coming up so I am in decorating, cookie and dessert land. I thought it would be cute if there were cookies hanging from the tree that people could have at a party or to take home after. They are decorations and food all in one! I haven’t mastered the art of cookie making yet. I am determined to learn how to make cute cookies but for now I am a complete beginner. Despite my lack of decorating skills if you put it in an ornament viola they are adorable! The power of presentation. You can wrap them up in cellophane bags too and hand them out to friends for their own little ornament cookie.


So my 4 year old helped out with these and these are the ones that ended up being a messy science experiment. We got a little crazy with colors and icing haha. If I am actually trying to make something look pretty I have to give my daughter a few to play around with to occupy her.

Fill ornament with sugar put snowflake cookie inside close ornament Tie ribbon on top

Fill an ornament with a little sugar, it has to be an ornament that opens in half, not one with just a little opening on top. Any small Christmas shaped cookie will do, I went with the snowflake.

hanging cookies hanging snowflake cookies holiday cookie ornaments tiny snowflake ornament cookie  fun way to have cookies at a party

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