Fall table runner

Fall table runner and hello fall pumpkin

I wanted to brighten up the table for fall so I decided to make this fun fall table runner. It was really cheap ($2) and easy to make. It doesn’t have to be just for fall but orange is a good fall color. Plus I have been seeing a lot of orange with black and white this fall. Orange is my daughters favorite color right now. It’s funny since orange is not most kids favorite color. However, this time of year is perfect for it with all the fall decor and of course Halloween! Now she can enjoy all of the orange decorations everywhere! By the time the next holiday rolls around she will probably have a new favorite. Although my favorite color as a kid was purple and that one stuck. You never know, kids are unpredictable!


Orange deco mesh ribbon(dollar store)

Chevron black and white burlap(dollar section at target)

Glue(adhesive or hot glue)

Measure the ribbons the length of your table leaving a little extra to hang over. Flip the orange ribbon and burlap upside down. Put glue along one edge of the burlap. Place the glue part underneath the orange ribbon and press it together firmly. Let the glue dry and you are done!

Fall table runner Fall table runner and pumpkin Fall pumpkin

I also got this white pumpkin and wrote Hello, Fall on the front with a gold pen. My handwriting is terrible but I still think it is cute. I love all of the white pumpkins this year! I am going to get more to add a cluster of pumpkins in different sizes.

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