DIY Bunting Cake Topper

DIY Bunting Cake Topper

This DIY Bunting Cake Topper is super easy to make and a fun way to dress up a cake. Just add sprinkles and this cute cake topper! This can be great for the person who isn’t the best at frosting a cake or to dress up a store bought cake. Plus sprinkles, never underestimate the power of sprinkles! You could do so many colors and patterns to fit any theme.

What you need:


Washi tape

Paper straws


Washi tape Fold washi tape over

Tie the twine to two paper straws spread out about 8 inches. Fold small pieces (about 2 inches) of washi tape over the top of the twine. Continue folding them over lined up until you cover the entire twine leaving just a small bit on each end empty.

Cut triangle shapeCut small triangle in middle of washi tape

Cut the bottom of each piece of tape into a triangle or cut a small triangle in the middle bottom of each piece.

IMG_7346 IMG_7352 IMG_7360

It is really an easy way to dress up a cake that you can put together in minutes! You can also write any kind of message on it like I did above with “Hooray”. Just make sure to add as enough pieces of tape for each letter. Now it is time to celebrate!

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