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Easy DIY Floral Crown made with dollar store materials - Val Event Gal

I love floral crowns. I am not sure if this is the right name I have heard floral headpiece or floral crown. I’m going to go with the one that sounds like royalty! They look so pretty at weddings on brides and adorable on flower girls. My hippie mom rocked a floral crown at her wedding. My parents wedding picture is perfection, it is full on hippie love. Luckily this look or bohemian look has made a comeback. I am a bit hippie at heart since I was raised by a couple of them. This easy diy floral crown is great for the bohemian look or a soft feminine floral look. Also fun for weddings or for kids, so versatile!

I made this easy diy floral crown from dollar store materials, my favorite. With fresh flowers these can take a long time to make since you have to individually connect/wrap flowers, they don’t stay looking fresh for long and they can be pricey if you are buying them(because of the time it takes). This is definitely something I prefer making with silk flowers and when I can find materials at the dollar store I am always happy!

What you need to make it:

silk/fake flowers, whatever color and size you prefer

plastic vine and leaf material(shown below I found it at the dollar store)


floral tape


hot glue gun

IMG_4792 IMG_4794

I measured this up to my head to see how much to cut. I wrapped it halfway around the top of my head to leave room for the ribbon and so it could fit my daughter as well. I didn’t want the vine part too long, the ribbon part can always be adjusted more. With this piece it made three headbands. I then cut off extra leaves and left just a couple.

IMG_4797IMG_4799 IMG_4800

Wrap floral tape around the bottom 3 inches on each side. Tie the ribbon around the bottom of one side. Add glue just above or below the tied ribbon part. Then Slide the ribbon over the glue so the ribbon wont move around. Repeat on the other side.

IMG_4803 IMG_4802

Figure out where you want the flowers placed. I put them off to one side close together but there are many placements you could do. I think with larger flowers they look good in one bunch with a couple flowers, I cut off a few of the outer petals because they were too large. I used 3 flowers. With smaller flowers they look good evenly spaced around the entire crown. Hold it up and look in the mirror to see what it will look like before gluing. Glue the flower on whichever side you want to be the bottom. Then place it on top of a leaf or in between the 2 vine pieces. Hold it up to your head in front of a mirror in between each one to get the right placement. It’s hard to tell what it will look like if you don’t check it out first.


Glue the flowers together at the base and on the sides, as well as to the vine, to make sure they are secure.

DIY Floral Crown Headpiece Easy Floral Crown Headpiece Floral Crown IMG_5163

Easy and pretty final result!

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