Hot Air Balloon Decoration!


Where I live there are hot air balloons in the sky almost every morning. It makes it a little easier to get up early when you can go out and see the hot air balloons. I am just not a morning person, what would I do without coffee! Anyways the hot air balloons are so fun and whimsical they brighten my day! They also make for a nice party decoration. I’m always looking for fun things to do with balloons to dress them up a bit. For the hot air balloons basket you can use a paper cup or a party hat like I did. This hot air balloon decoration is pretty and easy to make.


To make the hot air balloon you need:

curling ribbon

a party hat

a balloon

flowers to put inside

hole puncher


IMG_3827 IMG_3829IMG_3837

Remove the string from the party hat. Punch a hole halfway in between the two holes left from where the string was. Do it on the other side as well so you have four holes equal distance apart, like shown above. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon all the same length about 6 inches long. It’s better to make the ribbon too long than too short because you can always cut it down a bit. Tie one ribbon on to each of the four holes.

IMG_3830 IMG_3839 IMG_3842 IMG_3846

Hold all of the ribbons together in the middle and tie them together leaving just a short piece to tie around the balloon. Take a longer ribbon tie one side around the bottom of the balloon then wrap it around the top of the balloon and tie it on the other side. Make sure it is not too loose so the balloon doesn’t slip out. Then take another piece of ribbon slip it through the ribbon on top of the balloon and use that ribbon for hanging the hot air balloon.

IMG_3856 IMG_38561

You can fill it with flowers, tissue paper flowers or paper flowers would also be cute! It’s such a fun decoration for a spring party or garden party. I just love, love hot air balloon decorations!

Thanks for partying with me! – Val Event Gal

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