Easy Floral Backdrops!


Hooray, easy floral backdrops! I love a pretty¬†backdrop! For events a backdrop can make a huge difference for the appearance of a dessert table. They also are fun for pictures. With a pretty floral backdrop you don’t even need photo props. Now you could have really flowers and spend a ton for a floral wall or have complicated ones that take ten hours. That is not how I roll! These backdrops are seriously the easiest to make with simple tissue paper flowers and all you need are a few items from the dollar or party store. You could set it up at home for easy cute pictures or for a party.

For the first backdrop you need:

tissue paper in the color of your choice(multicolor would be fun). 1 sheet for each flower, I made 12.

curling ribbon or any ribbon of your choice

scotch tape

A table cloth for background. I found this pretty plastic table cloth at Party City in the wedding section. If you have a solid color wall you might not need the table cloth.

Nails or heavy duty tape to secure it

IMG_3786 IMG_3791IMG_3799 IMG_3795IMG_3797

Each flower is made out of one sheet of tissue paper. Fold the paper in half as shown above, then fold it in half again the other way. Cut along the part that is folded. Then take half of the cut pieces of paper and turn them slightly so it makes a circular shape. You can round the edges if you want but that’s not necessary. Then squeeze the center¬†part together underneath, downwards and twist it a few times.

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If you are using a table cloth hang that up next with heavy duty tape or small nails. Then take the curling ribbon and hang a strip of it straight across the top. Make sure this piece is tight. Then tie four ribbons down from the top piece spread out equally. I made each of these ribbons about three feet when straight, just measure one out and make the rest the same size. Then take the twisted part in the back of the tissue paper flower and tie the ribbon that is hanging down starting towards the top. I tied it around twice. You can add tape to make sure it is secure. Then tape the top part of the flower to the ribbon right above where you tied it so it doesn’t sag down. You want happy flowers not sad ones.

622 630 633

It is really just so easy and makes for a great background for pictures. Note that this was a trial one I made last year so the pictures I took are on my phone. An older phone with not the greatest quality so image in how great it would look with an actual camera!

604For the second one you need:

gold curling ribbon

fake flowers, I got mine from the Dollar Tree

table cloth, I used the same plastic one I got from Party City



Take the bunch of flowers off of the stems.


Curl some of the ribbon to hang, I cut the pieces in a few different lengths. Leave four pieces of ribbon straight to hang the flower. The flowers weigh them down and the ribbon will straighten out if it isn’t already.


Like with the first one once the table cloth is secure, hang a piece of ribbon straight across the top of the table cloth. Make sure it is tight. String the straight ribbon onto the fake flowers with all of them facing up. Tie the top of the ribbon to the piece on the top of the table cloth. Spread them out evenly.

594 600

I then took the curled piece of ribbon and spread them out in between the flowers. I really like how it looks with the ribbon. If you prefer you can have more flowers and less ribbon or more ribbon and less flowers. I played around with both and liked how it looked both ways.


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