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Are you ready to paaaarrrttyy?! For my best friend’s 30th birthday or 20th round 2. I wanted to plan something fun and unique to her personality. She loves going to Vegas but we didn’t want the expense of that trip. Plus with my friends we would have had a Bridesmaids moment and not even make it there. I also know she loves all of the 1920’s mob shows and mob history. The first thing she wanted to do when we went to Vegas was go to the Mob Museum. It was actually really interested definitely worth checking out if you are in Las Vegas. I decided to make her party a 20’s mobster casino theme. We had the party at The Talking Stick, a nice casino resort in town. My friend is not the type you can do a surprise party for, she likes to plan and know what’s going on. I involved her in the planning but I had to leave a few surprises.

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I put playing cards, playing cards, candy, beads, gangster hats and dice spread throughout the hotel room. I also made some dice cake pops. They were surprisingly really easy to make! I just molded the pops into a cube, dipped it in white candy melts and put dots of melted chocolate for the numbers. I also used gold candy spray for some shine but I wouldn’t do that again they looked better without it. Less is usually more.


For the bar I made a “Whiskey Joint” sign with chalkboard scrapbook paper and a chalkboard marker. I also had a “Bootleggers Welcome” sign for the door and a “Reserved for Capone” sign for my friends chairs. Plus at the bar I had to have Leonardo DiCaprio ala The Great Gatsby giving a cheers. I am pretty sure all women around my age have a special place in their heart for Leo or the 12 year old girl inside does ;). If we were working with more space I would have had a large poster of Leo above the bar.

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I made a fringe ball centerpiece. This little creation I made with dollar store candle sticks, a beach ball, black streamers, playing cards, beads and a little top hat. I will be back next week with a tutorial on how to make this and fringe balls to hang. I also put up a picture we took when we were in Vegas at the Mob Museum. Proof that we are real mobsters!


These blow up dice from Party City are so much fun. Seriously, if you are having a casino party or game night use these big blow up dice for craps. How much fun would it be to make a large “craps table” on the ground and use these?! I might have to do that soon! You can hang them up for decorative purposes as well.


Of course we all had to dress the part! I made easy photo booth signs with mobster names. I looked up real mob names but it would also be fun to have people come up with their own mob name.

Here is the tutorial for the signs: http://valeventgal.com/2014/12/easy-photo-booth-signs/

The party was a blast and everyone loved the theme!

-Thanks for partying with me! Val Event Gal

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