Thanksgiving cupcakes! Gobble gobble and fall leaves.


Thanksgiving is almost here. It is a great time to get together with family and do what’s really important, eat. Also give thanks for the amazing people and blessings in our lives! I always am so so full after eating the giant meal that I don’t know how I can eat a single bite more! Then I see the desserts and somehow manage to eat even more. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. I think there is a separate part of the stomach just for dessert. That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it! Pies are traditionally what people serve for Thanksgiving. I like pies but they are very time consuming to make. Not everyone likes pie and it is good to have a few options for your Thanksgiving guests. Here are some easy cute cupcake ideas great for fall and Thanksgiving! First is the turkey cupcake gobble, gobble :).


All you need for this is multicolored Fruit by the Foot, Hershey Kisses(I used the pumpkin spice kind) and mini chocolate chips. You can use any flavor of cupcake, I had chocolate and vanilla with whipped cream frosting. Pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate frosting would work good!


Each Fruit by the Foot had sections with different colors. I cut out couple inch sections(about 3 inches) of each color I needed. There was more red than other colors. You can use red with the orange and yellow for the feathers. Put one strip on top of the other about halfway down. They will only stick together one way and smash them together a bit so they wont fall apart.



Fold over a piece about the width of your finger tip and squeeze it together on the bottom. Do this three more times. Then fold the bottom part off to one side or cut it off.


Slice the top off of the Hershey Kisses. The bottom part will be for the head and the top for the tail. Warning: don’t eat all of them, I know it is tempting. I always have to taste test just a little bit when I am baking and creating.


The eyes are mini chocolate chips, I cut out a small triangle of orange Fruit by the Foot for the nose and twisted a very small strip of red for the waddle. Dip them one at a time in a small amount of honey or syrup on one side and put the sticky side on the Hershey Kiss. You can also dip a toothpick in honey then on the Hershey Kiss or on one side of each piece.


Put the “feathers” on first and then the head.


Don’t forget the tail!

IMG_1294 IMG_1272

These fall leaves cupcakes are topped with Fruit by the Foot. For the pile of leaves I just cut the Fruit by the Foot into really tiny pieces and piled them up. The larger leaves I just cut them in the shape of leaves and put some leaf sprinkles on as well. Keira helped me with all the frosting and sprinkles. She is a natural!

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