Movie Night!

This week I have eaten a TON of candy(literally a ton). I didn’t want to throw any out and waste it, but I also don’t want to eat it all. I hid it from Keira so she wouldn’t eat too much. That plan backfired and I ended up eating way way too much!┬áIf like me you are hanging on to extra Halloween candy you can host a movie night and use the candy for a concession stand.


This is a concession stand I made for “A Star is Born” baby shower. I made this one with foam blocks but I realized after the fact cereal boxes would work just as well. Live and learn! It’s really easy to make, works great for movie nights, baby showers or sports themed parties. Cute and no baking involved, score!


First take 2 cereal boxes, it helps if they are the same size but mine weren’t. If you have two different sizes just use the bigger one as the base.


Draw a line about a third of the way down the box and cut off the top third of the box. I did this really quickly and didn’t make it very accurate, no measuring and it still turned out great.


They will be stacked just like this but first they need to be wrapped.


I put some newspaper in the boxes to make sure they wouldn’t cave in. Then I wrapped it with tissue paper because that is was I had. Wrapping paper would be best, I like the red for movie nights but really any color would work. I also didn’t cover the bottom of the boxes because I didn’t want to waste tissue paper(that stuff is valuable in my world). Then tape the boxes together so they don’t move around.


Just add candy, serve some popcorn and viola you have an easy movie night! I know it looks like an advertisement for M&M’s but that is mostly what I left out for trick or treaters. I knew Keira would eat them if we had extra(which is what happened). Also, if you have never had popcorn and M&M’s mixed together in the same bite you have to try it. Seriously, you will thank me!

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