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For a bridal shower I was helping out with we went with a drinks and diamonds theme. It was a really cute unique theme. The wedding colors are deep purple and red, which we wanted to incorporate into the decorations for the shower. Luckily I had a few martini glass vases lying around to use for the shower. I wanted to make centerpieces that looked like a drink. These centerpieces could be made on a smaller scale with regular martini glasses. A few bunched together on a serving tray would look really good. I looked for flowers to match the wedding colors and I found carnations that match. I personally think carnations have gotten a bad reputation and can look beautiful when presented the right way.

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I cut the stems of the carnations to a couple inches long and set the flowers in the vase lined up around in a circle. Then make another circle of flowers on top of the first circle. Keep putting in flowers in a circular pattern until there is no empty space.

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Next for the “olive” I used button mums. I first held the flowers up in front of the vase at an angle to cut the correct length. Then I taped the flowers together using floral tape, adding one flower at a time. Next I cut down the stems of all but one of the flowers, I chose the flower with the straightest stem to leave. Just remember that some of the stems aren’t in water so I cut the stems at the last minute. Viola you have a martini centerpiece, super easy and cute! This would be perfect for any cocktail or dinner party as well.

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I put a little glitter paint on a Jack Daniels bottle to use as a vase. Wine bottles also work great for vases, I tend to hold on to any bottles to reuse. Add some purple and black food coloring to the water to resemble liquor but still look pretty. I used baby’s breath for the flowers but any white or red flowers would look great.


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