A little about me!


Hello party pals! My name is Valerie but you can call me Val :). I am so excited to begin this blogging adventure! I am a little slow to come around to the whole technology thing Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, it is all a foreign language to me. I have thought about blogging before but I am finally making it happen, eek! I think this will be a great creative outlet for me. A place to share with you all my events and providing you with some inspiration. So who am I you might be wondering. I have worked in event planning for many years planning weddings, conferences, receptions and birthday parties. In the last few years I have also helped my loved ones plan parties for important occasions in their lives. I love coming up with themes, creating decor, cupcakes and seeing it all come together. The best part of any event for me is seeing the look on the person of honors face when they walk into the room. They just light up and it brings me so much joy. Come along with me as I show you parties I have planned and give you ideas for your own events!


A little more about me, I have a beautiful three year old daughter named Keira who is my whole world. She constantly shows me new ways to celebrate every day. We both love pink, parties, cupcakes and cake pops. I am a single mom, which can be challenging but I didn’t realize how strong I was until I became a mom(really all moms are bad asses keep up the good work). I really cannot complain my daughter makes being a mom easy she’s fun, sweet and makes me laugh every day. My other loves are coffee(NEED, don’t talk to me before I’ve had it), traveling(not enough), pedicures(on occasion), having dinner with friends(a must), family(ridiculously close) and Netflix(how I spend most nights).

About Valerie Lewis

Hi I'm Val! I love coffee and cupcakes(breakfast of champions), and making simple crafts with my kids.

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