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Printable Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

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Valentine's Boxes Printables

Guess what? You’re like really pretty! I made these fun little printable Valentine’s Day gift boxes for friends and the person you are in a relationship with. I have ones for your gal friends and I also made up some funny ones to give to your love. The Galentine’s ones are the ones in the pictures with “You’re Like Really Pretty” “XOXO” and “Besides Chocolate You’re My Fav”. The one for your love are “You’re Really Hot” “So Hot Want To Touch The Hiney” and “Roses Are Red Blah Blah Chocolate”. What can I say, I am kind of a romantic! Okay, I’m a little weird with the mushy lovey dovey stuff. I like to show my love in sarcastic joke and dessert form. These printable Valentine’s Day gift boxes can be filled with chocolates or even other tiny gifts. They aren’t very big but super cute. I filled them with some easy colorful candy bark! I just used pink candy melts and colorful heart sprinkles. You can put them in a little bag and put that in the box or line it with parchment paper and put the bark right in there. It’s seriously such an easy gift to give. read more

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