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Penguin Donuts

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Continuing with my winter donuts I have these cute penguin donuts! They are the cutest little penguin donuts ever, okay I haven’t ever seen penguin donuts so they don’t have competition but they are adorable. I made them blue for fun but you can make them black and white. They are so fun to bring to a winter party or for breakfast Christmas morning. Keira loves to watch the Penguins of Madagascar. We watched that while making these penguin donuts, it was the perfect winter activity. We also read a book about penguins before bedtime almost every night. Did you know that baby penguins eat 4 times as much as adult penguins. They need the extra fat to protect them from the cold and to look adorable :). I know you wanted to know that. If you ever want random penguin facts just ask me because I have read that penguin book about 100 times. That one, a shark book and octopus book I have memorized. Now lets make some penguins! read more

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