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Penguin Cupcakes

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Cute Penguin Cupcakes

My daughter is obsessed with penguins! Here bed looks like the stuffed animal arctic. She is building up quite the penguin collection. I think it is so adorable. The only problem is she wants to go see penguins in their natural habitat and I had to break it to her that’s not going to happen. She wants to see those emperor penguins waddling in the wild. We are Arizona girls I don’t think I could handle the cold and it would be quite the impossible trip to visit penguins in Antarctica. When I was in South Africa there were penguins and they were the cutest. Hopefully someday we can visit the beach dwelling penguins! That’s more my style. I get cold when it is 50 degrees. read more

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Hi I'm Val! I love coffee and cupcakes(breakfast of champions), getting crafty with my daughter and making easy DIY parties to celebrate all of life's special moments. Come party with me!

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