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Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

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Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

I’m really in to doing nontraditional Christmas decorations. After years and years of red and green you get a little sick of it. As a kid we had a ton of ornaments that we collected over the years we would put them all on the tree. It was fun to have all of the sentimental ornaments but they were all very fragile. Now I want to avoid all of the fragile ornaments besides a few. Especially since my daughter wants to help with everything. I tend to gravitate towards bright colors and sparkly things. That is why I wanted to make some fun decorations with black, pink and gold. I made some pretty bows with gold glitter and pink ribbon. I also made some paper tassels out of pretty napkins because I just love paper tassels! You can individually hang them on branches or string them on ribbon and put them on the tree. Since we live in an apartment I am decorating mini trees. You can do the same decorations on a bigger tree for a larger space. read more

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Hi I'm Val! I love coffee and cupcakes(breakfast of champions), getting crafty with my daughter and making easy DIY parties to celebrate all of life's special moments. Come party with me!