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Beauty and The Beast Party Games

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Yellow streamers Beauty and The Beast Game

We love playing games at my house. Sometimes we just come up with games for fun.¬†We have also been getting ready for the new Beauty and the Beast movie. That means Beauty and the Beast parties! It also means everyone needs some party games to celebrate or just to play at home over spring break! I have some ideas for easy party games. Some take a few materials from the dollar store. All of them should be easy enough for a range of ages to play. We know all ages love the movie. It was one of my favorites as a kid and now I get to relive it all with my daughter. Isn’t that the best when you can relive the movies you loved as a child with your own child?! read more

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Hi I'm Val! I love coffee and cupcakes(breakfast of champions), getting crafty with my daughter and making easy DIY parties to celebrate all of life's special moments. Come party with me!

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