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Pinterest Fails, What You Are Doing Wrong

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Pinterest Fails what you are doing wrong

Pinterest fails! We’ve all been there, right? If not then in the words of Chris Farley ” well la de fricken da” aren’t you special(maybe I’m a bit jealous). My worst Pinterest fail was when I tried to make cake pops. I saw a cute picture of cake pops and thought that doesn’t look too hard, right?! Wrong, I ended up with clumpy balls of cake that were falling apart and a huge mess. I had to go with plan B and buy some cookies from the store :(. I may or may not have ended up shame eating all of the messy cake pops. They did taste good at least! I like to look at the pictures of pinterest fails because they are hilarious! If you can’t laugh at yourself and others what is the point of life?! Sometimes we fail so hard that we just give up on that type of project. Luckily after my first fail at cake pops I tried again and now I am cake pop obsessed! Pinterest fails happen to the best of us but here are a few ideas of what you are doing wrong so you can kick that projects butt the next time! If at first you don’t succeed try try again. These are all about baking because that is the area I have seen the most fails in and have my own experience in failures! Unfortunately I haven’t taken pictures of all of my fails. Some would be good for a laugh! read more

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