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Halloween Party Games

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All Hollows Eve is almost upon us! Halloween is one of the best holidays for party games. Kids and adults love a good party game and I’ve come up with some easy ideas to entertain a crowd. You can also just play some of these for fun with kids. It’s a spooky good time of year to play games. I’m not going to big Halloween parties at this point in my life but I love getting together with a few friends for a Halloween night. My daughter is also obsessed with Halloween and all things spooky. She helped me come up with some fun and easy Halloween games. Neither one of us have the patience for putting together anything elaborate for games and activities. You can put any of these ideas together in minutes to entertain guests at your Halloween party! read more

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Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving The House

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Halloween is coming up and it is one of my favorite holidays! It is a holiday that every age can enjoy. As a kid it was such a blast to get dressed up and hello, loads of free candy?! What kid wouldn’t love that. Then you get to dress up as anything your heart desires. I personally loved the spooky stuff as a kid. My mom has always been a Halloween and scary movie fanatic! I was a dead cheerleader one year and my sister was beheaded Anne Boleyn. We embraced the bloody side of Halloween. Then in college I got into making my own Halloween costumes. I made a butterfly costume that was sparkly and super pretty. Yes, slightly slutty, but you’re only young once right? Now those wilder college Halloween party days are far far behind me and I have my own daughter. She loves holidays just as much as me. The spooky stuff she mostly finds funny, that’s my girl! She also loves costumes. Last your she was Princess Leia, the year before a ghost, and this year she wants to be an LOL Doll so I have to use my creative magic for that costume. We will do the trick or treat thing but at this age I mostly like to celebrate in pjs and get to bed by 10. That is why I have come up with a bunch of fun and easy ways to celebrate Halloween without leaving the house! Who says you have to get dressed and wear makeup to have fun? Halloween is one of the best holidays to celebrate from home. read more

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Halloween Candy Wrappers

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Halloween is the time of candy. Everyone has a favorite and these is something for everyone. I made some cute and simple Halloween candy wrappers that work for any kind of candy bars big and small. Just adjust the size based on what type of candy you are wrapping. These are cute for kids and to have in the candy bowl to hand out on Halloween. I of course had to add some googley eyes because everything is cuter with google eyes. I had taken a little break from using them but I am back to using them all the time! Seriously, they are the cutest for all kinds of kids crafts and party projects. I think the little frankensteins are of the cutest of these ones but I love them all. I made mummies, frankensteins, and jack o lanterns. Cute, cute, and cute! My daughter absolutely loved them. I use her as a tester of projects to make sure things will be kid approved. They passed her test. Although, anything with candy passes her test. read more

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Monster Eye Halloween Hershey Kisses

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hershey kisses for Halloween

These monster eye Halloween Hershey Kisses are the easiest Halloween dessert for parties or to pass out to trick or treaters. You can just have a bowl of Halloween Hershey Kisses for guests. Since I always have googly eyes for crafts(I use an excessive amount of googly eyes) I though they would be perfect to put on some kind of candy. The bottom of the kisses are the perfect size for a googly eye. You can put these in the bowl of candy to pass out to trick or treaters to add a little more fun to the candy. read more

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Halloween Desserts Kids Will Love!

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Halloween desserts kids will love

I can’t believe it is almost October! That means it is time to get ready for Halloween. I always like to make cute desserts with my daughter. I usually like the no bake or easy to bake desserts. My daughter and I also have a thing for candy eyes. We needed some inspiration for cute treats to make and boy did we find it! I cannot wait to make these adorable Halloween desserts kids will love.

Halloween desserts kids will love(from the top left, left to right):

Skeleton Cookies from Cincy Shopper read more

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Easy Halloween Kit Kat Bars

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kit kat Halloween treats

Everyone has there favorite Halloween candy. I’m a chocolate gal and Kit Kats are one of my favorites. My daughter and I both go for the chocolate. I may have to secretly hoard some of the Kit Kats and chocolate goodies. If you can’t steal candy from your children then who can you steal candy from?! The fun thing about making these easy Halloween Kit Kat Bars is they come in different colors for a variety of Halloween things. I saw these in the store with white, orange and chocolate all in the pack. I knew they would be perfect for making cute Halloween creatures! read more

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Halloween Ghost Crafts and Desserts

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Halloween Ghost Crafts and Desserts! Simple and fun Halloween ghost ideas.

I’ve been in to the ghost ideas this week for Halloween. These Halloween ghost crafts and desserts from around the web all look so fun to make! What is Halloween without ghosts?! My favorite Halloween costume to date was when my daughter dressed as a ghost and I dressed as a ghost buster. I had to by a mans costume because the female ones weren’t exactly trick or treat friendly. She was so adorable in her ghost costume I found on etsy. These ghosts ideas from around the web have something for adults and kids. read more


Halloween Party Crafts and Treats

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Halloween Party Crafts and Treats

I can’t believe it is finally Halloween week! I have been so busy with Halloween projects for the past month. I thought it would be a good idea to put them all together in case you missed anything. These Halloween party crafts and treats are all easy to make for a fun Halloween party. We are definitely prepared for Halloween, at least with decorations and desserts. I still don’t have a costume but I always throw something together last minute. I keep seeing so many adorable diy costumes I just haven’t been able to decide. My indecisiveness leads to procrastination and then I will be up late the night before making a costume haha. My daughter on the other hand has been wearing her costume for the past couple weeks. She wants to wear it all the time! Hopefully it will make it to Halloween in one piece. read more

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Glow in the Dark Halloween Printable

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Glow in the dark Halloween printable to leave out with a bowl of candy while you are out trick or treating!

How fun is this glow in the dark Halloween printable?! I’m getting so excited for Halloween! Every year we go trick or treating on Halloween like many of you with kids do(or the ones without kids, why can’t adults get candy too?!). I may not be a kid anymore(just at heart) but I get really in to Halloween and love to dress up. Last year my daughter wanted to be a ghost and I got her the cutest ghost costume from Etsy. I thought it would be fun for her dad and I to dress up like Ghost Busters with our little ghost. By the way her dad and I aren’t together but we still dressed up together for Halloween with our daughter because we all love Halloween. We are either really weird or doing a good job at the co-parenting thing(most of the time). read more


Glowing Eyeball Halloween Balloons

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Glowing Eyeball Halloween Ballooons - Val Event Gal - Copy

I’m really feeling all of the eyeballs I have been seeing in the Halloween decorations.I want to make an eyeball everything! Okay, I’m a little bit weird and I enjoy that for Halloween you are allowed to be weird. Adults don’t get to have enough fun, dress up and be weirdos. Halloween is all about embracing your inner weirdo and bringing it out to play. Not in a creepy way or anything, but a fun way! Although I do get to dress up on occasion with my daughter. Usually with hats and scarves. I am typically the bad guy because well when is mommy not the bad guy?! My Ursula impression from The Little Mermaid is spot on because I’ve been working on it for about a year. Anyways back to the eyeballs. Seeing all of the eyeballs I thought maybe I can make some sort of eye ball decorations from what I have at my place. Balloons and tissue paper are something I always have a ton of! All I needed was some glow sticks. These glowing eyeball Halloween balloons are perfect decorations for a party! You can’t make them too far ahead of time because the glow only lasts for so long but you can put them together really fast before a party. read more


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