Halloween Candy Wrappers

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Halloween is the time of candy. Everyone has a favorite and these is something for everyone. I made some cute and simple Halloween candy wrappers that work for any kind of candy bars big and small. Just adjust the size based on what type of candy you are wrapping. These are cute for kids and to have in the candy bowl to hand out on Halloween. I of course had to add some googley eyes because everything is cuter with google eyes. I had taken a little break from using them but I am back to using them all the time! Seriously, they are the cutest for all kinds of kids crafts and party projects. I think the little frankensteins are of the cutest of these ones but I love them all. I made mummies, frankensteins, and jack o lanterns. Cute, cute, and cute! My daughter absolutely loved them. I use her as a tester of projects to make sure things will be kid approved. They passed her test. Although, anything with candy passes her test.

Now to make these cuties:

frankensteins you need:

green paper

google eyes

black marker


  1. Cut a piece of paper long enough to wrap around the back of a piece of candy and long enough to cover the bottom.
  2. Add google eyes with double sided tape on the back.
  3. If there is a top ridged end tape it down for the hair. If not draw on the hair.
  4. Draw on a mouth and stitches above the eye.

For the mummy:

white streamers

google eyes


  1. Cut streamers in half.
  2. Tape a piece of streamer to the back of the candy and wrap it around covering the candy.
  3. Take another half strip and fold it in half. Then wrap that around the first piece.
  4. Tape on google eyes.

For the pumpkin:

orange paper

black marker


  1. Wrap a piece of orange paper around the candy and tape it in the back.
  2. Draw two triangle eyes, a zig zag mouth, and a rectangle on top in the middle for the stem.

DIY Halloween Candy Bars

They are sweet and simple Halloween candy wrappers!

Halloween Candy Wrappers


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