DIY Trolls Costume

DIY Trolls Easy Costume

I absolutely love the Trolls movie! It’s adorable and my daughter loves it. I made her this cute little trolls costume to wear for fun but it would be perfect for Halloween. I made this easy no sew tulle skirt and organza ribbon headband. One year I ordered my daughter a costume on Etsy, it was adorable but I realized the tulle skirt is something so easy to just make myself for the next time. Just put the skirt over a solid blue dress or blue shirt and pink or blue shorts. This diy trolls costume is so easy really anyone can make it. If I can make it anyone can.

What you need to make the trolls costume:

blue and pink tulle(you can use organza ribbon too)


a plain headband


blue felt or foam paper

hot glue

For the skirt:

  1. Glue elastic together long enough to fit comfortably around a kids waist.
  2. Measure strips of tulle long enough when folded in half to make a skirt. When going over a dress or shorts they don’t have to be too long just long enough to poof out.
  3. Take a strip and fold it in half. Put the looped side just under the elastic.
  4. Them pull the non looped side through. 

For the headband.

  1. Cut strips of tulle or organza ribbon long enough to stick up about a foot when folded over.
  2. Take the strips and one at a time tie them over the headband using the same technique as for the skirt.
  3. Squeeze them close together and fill out the top of the headband around to the sides.
  4. Tie them all together at the top.
  5. Cut out felt or foam paper flowers in a few sizes, I made 4.
  6. Add jewel sticker embellishments if desired.
  7. Glue them onto the headband.

DIY Trolls Costume Skirt and Headband

I love how pretty and simple this diy trolls costume was to make. No sewing no fuss. My daughter helped and we were done in less than an hour! You could do different colors too.

DIY Trolls Costume

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