DIY Rainbow Poop Emoji Costume

My daughter has been obsessed with the poop emoji since she discovered it! She is only 6 but she loves texting family with emojis on my phone. She has an emoji backpack and loves all the emojis. She loves the rainbow poop emoji even more than the poop emoji. I thought it would make a cute costume. I don’t know how to sew so I am not making any fancy costumes for her. I also don’t want to put a ton of effort into something she will wear a couple times. This costume is prefect for an emoji lover and incredibly easy to put together.

What you need:

Rainbow striped dress.

party hat in a bright color

paint in a couple bright rainbow colors

black and white paper or vinyl



  1. Cut the paper or vinyl out into a half circle smile and two oval eyes with the white paper using one sheet of paper..
  2. Then cut smaller ovals for the black center of the eyes. 
  3. Cut off the bottom of a party hat.
  4. Paint stripes of a couple colors on the hat.
  5. Let it dry and then punch two holes in the bottom on the left and right side. Tie ribbon around them.
  6. Tape the paper face to the rainbow striped dress.
  7. There you go you are all done!

DIY Rainbow Poop Emoji Costume

It is so cute and simple to put together for a last minute or easy costume! Perfect for any age.

Easy DIY Rainbow Poop Emoji Costume




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