DIY Birthday Minnie Ears

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Birthday Minnie Mouse Ears

This year I got to spend my birthday at the happiest place on earth! For the occasion I made some easy DIY birthday Minnie ears to wear at the park. These were super simple and cheap to make for our trip. I made them last minute and was ready to celebrate. It was one of the best birthdays with my fiancé and daughter. There are a few easy ways to personalize these ears too with different colors. You don’t need any fancy craft tools or materials to make them too. I used pinks and yellow because these are colors I like but black ears with bright colors would also look adorable. I wanted to find a way to put a birthday hat on Minnie ears and it can really be done with any Minnie ears but I also wanted some paper confetti! If you are celebrating your birthday you have to have birthday Minnie ears!

What you need to make them:

foam paper in any color

a thin plain headband

a party hat

ribbon for Minnie bow

hot glue

colorful paper

  1. Fold the foam paper in half
  2. trace a cup or round shape on the paper with a little bit of the bottom hanging over as shown above.
  3. Cut out shapes
  4. Fold around the headband and glue it together at the top and bottom. Figure out where exactly you want them first then glue it. 
  5. Take the ribbon and wrap it around 3 times. Make sure it makes two loops on each side. Then tie a smaller piece of ribbon around the middle to keep it together.
  6. Glue the ribbon to the headband in the middle and spread out the bow sides then glue the back part to each side.  
  7. Take a party hat and cut off about the top two inches.
  8. Cut a slit in each side and fold the cut pieces in slightly.
  9. Glue it to the ears right behind the bow and to the ears. Add fringe tissue paper for the top tip or bottom for decoration.
  10. Add 1 inch strips of colorful paper to the ears for a confetti look as shown below.

There you go you have some fun DIY birthday Minnie ears! You can also add some birthday elements to the ears you already have. These are fun to give to someone you are visiting Disney with on their birthday!

DIY Birthday Minnie Ears

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