Back To School Photo Backdrop

Back to school photo balloons

Back to school is a great time for photo ops. Then you can look back each year at how much your kiddo has grown up! Man it goes so fast, I can’t believe my daughter is already starting first grade! Before I know it she will be a teenager. I want to make sure to take pictures of every stage of her life and important moments like the first day of school! I made this easy back to school photo backdrop for cute pictures. It’s simple for anyone to make with just a few items. I included “chalkboard” balloons and I used post its on the wall to write the grade my daughter is going into.

What you need for the balloons:

chalk board or white marker

black balloons

All you need to do is blow up black balloons. Then write whatever you want on them with a chalkboard marker. I just wrote letters and 1st day of school. Kids can hold up a balloon or throw some in the air for cute pictures.

On the wall I stuck some post its on in the shape of a 1. Then I put some more around the 1 spread out to give it a confetti look. It would be cute with a bunch of different color post its spread out. I just used what I had. You don’t even need to make a number just spread out post its and have kids help out to join in the fun!

 Back To School Photo Backdrop with Post Its and Balloons Chalkboard Back To School Balloons

Just like that you have will have the perfect easy set up for back to school pictures!

Back To School Photo Backdrop

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