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For my daughters birthday party she new she wanted a Moana party! She loves the movie and of course we have watched it a zillion times. Every time we watch it she has a new favorite character. She is fond of Maui and Tomatoa. She also loves Moana’s animal side kicks and of course Moana. I made some printables inspired by the movie they are fun for banners, food labels, favor tags, and more. You can get really creative with how you use the printable. They looked so cute to add an extra touch to my daughters party decorations. I didn’t find a lot of decorations from the store so I had to DIY a lot of the decor, which was a blast for me. Luckily her birthday being in May makes for a lot of tropical decorations at the party store so we bought those and added the printables to the tropical decorations.

What you need to make these printables into decorations:


white card stock paper




twine or ribbon for making banners

I used the banner in front of the dessert table. Also food labels for the dessert with Hei Hei approved and Pua Cupcakes printables. I’m pretty sure any food is Hei Hei approved so you can use that for anything! You can use the smaller decorations for favor tags or cupcake/food toppers.

We had Pua Popcorn for a snack while watching the movie Moana. Then a “Make Yourself Shiny” photo booth. I just bought anything shiny I could find from the dollar store and party store. You can use shiny beads and hats. Then a shiny hanging background for the pictures if you want.

These printables should add the extra decorations you need for your party. You can print them up at home or at a printing place.

Free Moana Party Printables

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