Coloring Printable Mother’s Day Banner

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Mom Banner Mother's Day Printable

For parties focused on parents I think it is fun to get kids involved in making the decorations. These printable banner is such an easy do it yourself for kids to make. All you have to do is print it out kids can color in the letters and around the letters on the pendants. The banner includes a few pieces that say Moooom! When kids say mom they often throw in a few extra vowels in there to really get mom’s attention. Since I was making this from a kids perspective I thought that would be a funny way to write it. My daughter loves to draw so this was the perfect project for her. Really any age kid can help make this banner maybe with a little help. I also tried to make the letters look a little childlike to match with the doodles.

What you need to make this:

white cardstock paper




hole puncher

There is not a lot too it. Just print out the banner printable. Then kids can draw and fill in the letters plus the surrounding area. Cut out the banner along the lines. Punch holes in the banner on the top straight side towards the middle. String a ribbon through the holes.

Color In Printable Banner for Mother's Day Mooom Printable Banner

I love this simple decoration for Mother’s Day! Kids will have fun making it and everyone will love that the kids helped decorate.

Printable Coloring Mother's Day MOOOOM Banner!

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