Chocolate and Wine Bouquet

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Chocolate Bouquet with Wine

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of gift ideas for adults. I overcomplicate it and think of silly things to make. When it comes down to it most of the ladies I know just want some wine and chocolate! I thought it would be fun to make a chocolate and wine bouquet. Anyone who loves chocolate and wine would love this bouquet. It is the perfect birthday gift or gift for a girls night! I made some printable tags for birthday gifts.

What you need to make it:

chocolate bars, small, large or a variety

mini plastic wine bottles

bamboo skewers

tissue paper


hot glue

get the printable Birthday tags HERE

  1. Glue bamboo skewers to the back of the wine and chocolate bars.
  2. Lay out the tissue paper, fold up the bottom towards the middle.
  3. Line up the chocolate and wine popping out slightly over the tissue paper on top. 
  4. Fold the tissue paper over the front on the right side then the left.
  5. Tie a ribbon tightly around the center.
  6. Adjust the chocolate and wine if needed.

You can also place the bouquet in a vase with a foam block in the bottom to stabilize it. The wine can be a little heavy in the bouquet.

Chocolate and Wine Bouquet Gift

Who wouldn’t love this kind of bouquet for their birthday?! I would love to get a chocolate and wine bouquet!

Chocolate and Wine Bouquet

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