Bad Moms Back to School Tips

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Bad mom back to school tips

Who’s ready to embrace your inner bad mom?! With the movie bad moms coming out I was thinking about all the “bad mom” things I am doing with getting my daughter ready for school. I feel bad for doing some things completely half ass but I really shouldn’t. If you worry at all about not doing everything right as a parent then you are a good parent. I love that moms are starting to embrace there imperfections and say who cares if others judge me. I can be a pinteresty mom. However, I am not going to have the perfect bento boxes that include a sandwich version of a Picasso painting. I just don’t have the time. I also don’t make healthy snacks(or anything) from scratch and I can’t always get my daughter to eat any of her vegetables. I put fruits and vegetables in my daughters lunch mostly so I wont get judged for not including these healthy additions. Yes, she is picky and I don’t want to hear about how kids are picky because parents make them that way. We do eat healthy but we also have to live life. Sometimes chicken nuggets and pizza are just delicious! Sorry not sorry.

I also am not the mom that looks like I should be walking a runway when I drop my daughter off at school. I wear yoga pants obviously for their comfort purposes(do people wear them for actual yoga?) and rock the disheveled look quite a bit. I sometimes like to push the limits of what is social acceptable to wear outside of the house. So unicorn slippers are going too far?! Good to know. Other times I actually wear makeup and look nice. I am not judging anyone that looks nice dropping their kids off. In fact I probably am wondering where you got that cute dress from. For me it’s about balance. I am a single mom and have to cut myself a little slack for not having it all together all of the time. Really any mom or human being shouldn’t have to have everything together at all times. Why do I even care if I’m perfect or anyone else is perfect? We all are different and that is what makes life interesting. So if you want to join me in embracing our inner bad mom for back to school and have some fun.

Here are some “bad moms” back to school tips:

Don’t start the year out with fancy shmancy lunches that are almost too pretty to eat. If you start out that way there is only one place to go and that’s down. Simple cookie cutters in the shape of star or butterfly work perfectly fine for a pb&j! You don’t have to sculpt a masterpiece in lunch form. We are not all freaking sandwich artists(unless you work at Subway then I think that is your official title). Then if you want to make things look nicer on occasion it will be a surprise!

Lunchables and prepackaged snacks bad moms back to school

Take it a step further and buy some lunchables. Yes, they might not be on the top of the healthy list but they are good for the days you literally have no time to get a lunch ready or god forbid you forgot to pack lunches. Prepackaged food bags and snacks are another no brainer. Little bags of apples, carrots, snack mixes, chips, string cheese, and apple sauce. You can form a whole lunch on these little goodies in fun packages. Kids love them too!

Procrastinate getting school supplies! I am just a natural procrastinator. Why fight it when I’m so good at it, just embrace the procrastination! Sometimes there are just too many options if you go early for school supplies. Waiting until the last minute when there is not as much stuff left has the bonus of less choices to make. Plus supplies go on sale right before school and if you wait until a week after school starts the sales will be even better! You can make a fun game if you are crunched for time and play supermarket sweeps grabbing things as quickly as you can. See if you can do it in under 5 minutes!

Coffee and wine mom fuel for bad moms back to school

Buy lots of coffee and wine! This is mom fuel and important for back to school survival. My daughter knows mommy doesn’t do the things or talking until I have coffee. I am not a machine, I need the coffee to human in the morning. The wine well that helps with the whining. Mom needs to unwind sometimes with a glass of wine. It prevents mommy tantrums. I might not even make it through a whole glass because I fall asleep attempting to watch a little adult TV with my wine in hand. I swear I will never make it through an entire TV series. All you moms have earned a little adult time and a little wine. Nothing to feel bad about there! You deserve a reward for making through the summer or the day!

Have your yoga pants ready for school drop off! Yes, they are the socially acceptable pajamas of the world. What did people do before yoga pants?! I will wear them as often as possible because comfort is everything. I would still wear my maternity jeans if I could because of the elastic waist. The inventor of buttons and no stretch pants is the devil. I also like to throw on a baseball cap for school drop off. Brushing your own hair in the morning is unnecessary especially when you have kids hair to brush.

Ponytails and headbands. For girls some people do fancy braids. I do put my daughters hair in princess leia buns a lot. She loves it and is the biggest star wars fan in the world! That really is the only hairstyle I am decent at doing. As much as I watch youtube videos on how to make adorable braids I still cannot do anything more than a basic braid. She moves to much and I don’t have the patience to watch the video 30 times just to get it okish looking. I always said if I had a boy I would do cute faux hawks but in reality I would cut his hair short and call it a day. The less brushing hair the better! Keep a brush in the car in case you forgot to brush the kids hair.

Pick out kids clothes or have them pick them out ahead of time and hide the rest of their clothes, socks, and underwear. This is what takes us forever when getting ready in the morning. My daughter doesn’t want to wear what I pick out but she gets distracted from picking out an outfit. If it is picked out ahead of time then that is the only option they will have. Better yet don’t give options, they will wear what’s picked out and that is it. My daughter is also really weird about socks. It doesn’t help that I can never find matching socks. I swear I will have 20 socks without a pair. Where the hell do all the socks go? I think I need to go to anger management for my sock aggression. I have no patience with socks. I have thought of getting rid of them all and getting a bunch of 1 or 2 plain color socks, I seriously might do that one of these days. If she actually made a choice of socks no changing her mind! You already made a choice too bad stick with it and no saying my sock is too stringy. I don’t care and if you are crying over socks, if that’s your biggest problem in life, then you have a pretty good life.

Post it not for bad moms back to school

Post it notes! I am very forgetful I also don’t like to write everything down. If I do make a list I rarely actual look at it or check things off the list. For me post its are a lifesaver! I can put them on the mirror or my forehead. Wherever I actually will see the notes so I wont forget to do something important. For me little notes on fun bright color paper works better than long lists.

Don’t get too involved with everything at school. Yes, you might want to help out but don’t over commit to school committees. I will probably be involved in some way and help in some way. I just don’t want to start off with a bunch of extra responsibilities and regret it. Help out where you can and don’t where you can’t. Don’t be afraid to say no to school moms.

Enjoy your kids and being a mom! If you want to do all the things do them, if not don’t. They are only little once. Have fun, be a “bad mom”, fun mom, crazy mom, or just mom.

Bad Moms Back to School Tips! You don't have to do it all here are some tips and tricks to make back to school easy for the bad moms



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