DIY Big Drink Umbrellas

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DIY Big Drink Umbrellas. Perfect decorations for a summer celebration or for large drinks!

It is starting to really feel like summer, which makes me want to celebrate! I got some little drink umbrellas and I was thinking a bigger version would be perfect for party decorations. Bigger is always better right?! I love either teeny tiny decorations or giant over sized things. I love these diy big drink umbrellas. I will be using them all summer long. You can put them in large drinks like a giant margarita or use them for centerpieces in a vase. Don’t they just make you want to be on the beach with a pina colada?

materials for big umbrellas

What you need to make them:

colorful tissue paper

bamboo skewers

glue gun

crayons or markers

cut shape mini drink umbrella design

Trace a large circle on the tissue paper. I used a cake plate but a regular plate would work. You can stack a bunch of tissue paper to cut out at once to save time. I used two circles of tissue paper per umbrella. Draw the design of drink umbrellas with crayons or markers. You can draw flowers, vines, lines, polka dots, or zigzag patterns. I tried to kind of imitate the designs on the mini umbrellas but I didn’t spend too much time making it detailed because who has time for that haha.  You could also just skip the designs, they would look cute without them. Then glue the 2 pieces of tissue paper together.

glue together glue and press together

Cut out a 2 inch triangle from the center to the edge. You can use a ruler to mark the center and how much to cut or wing it like I do. Yes, I wing it to save time and it gives them more personality ;). Put hot glue on the top along one edge of the triangle. Then overlap the other side and press them together. If it isn’t overlapping correctly you can fold a small piece of one side under before gluing. Try holding it up before you put the glue on to make sure the shape is looking good.

fold bamboo skewer glue underneath

Fold the tissue paper circle in half. Then fold it again to create 4 creases. I added the middle bamboo skewer first but I would suggest doing that last. Take 2 bamboo skewers and cut them in half. Glue them with hot glue underneath on the undecorated part along the creases. Once the 4 pieces are added take a full bamboo skewer put a dot of hot glue on the pointed side and stick it through the top center part of the umbrella.

glue tissue paper wrap tissue paper

Take a small piece of tissue paper, crumple it up and glue it to the top inside part of the umbrella. This will keep the umbrella spread out. You can leave some without it to look more collapsed. Take a small 1/2 inch strip of white tissue paper with a dot of hot glue on it and wrap it around the top tip of the bamboo skewer that is sticking out of the top.

diy large drink umbrellas diy big drink umbrellas colorful big drink umbrellas decorative drink umbrellas large drink umbrellas for parties diy colorful large drink umbrellas big orange drink umbrella

These diy big drink umbrellas are seriously so fun! I am ready for a summer party and a giant drink stat!

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