Colorful DIY Summer Wreath

Colorful DIY Summer Wreath

Something about summer just makes me want to make things with bright colors, in this case a colorful diy summer wreath. Okay, I am actually like that year round but sunshine and bright colors go together so well. A long time ago I had bought these colorful straws that have just been sitting there. I don’t know if I bought them for a party or just because I thought I might need some colorful straws to brighten up my drinks. Either way I haven’t really used them and when I came across them I thought they needed to be used for a craft project. I was thinking maybe a chandelier but I really wanted to make a summer wreath to hang on the door so I decided to go with a wreath. This is a really simple wreath with simple materials that I had around the house. I like to do that a lot. Look in my craft supplies, see what I have and what I can turn it into. It’s like a scavenger hunt! This colorful diy summer wreath is easy to make and perfect for summer parties!

What you need to make it:

cardboard or cardboard cake plate

colorful plastic straws

mini drink umbrellas

hot glue gun

exacto knife


optional paint in a bright color: yellow, pink, or orange

Cut circle in the center

I took a cardboard cake plate, traced a circle in the center and cut out the center with an exacto knife. You can also use a paper plate and cut a circle out of the middle or a cardboard box.

Something I didn’t do but wish I did was paint it a bright color. This way it would blend in well with the straws. I would probably do a bright yellow or pink.

glue straws on glue straws all around

Cut the colorful straws in half. Then some hot glue on the plate and put the straws slightly spread out on the plate. For the bottom layer I didn’t really care how it looked with the messy glue because I filled in the spaces. Continue all the way around the circle. Then take straws and fill in the gaps all around the circle. Keep adding straws until you run out. I added a couple mini umbrellas, you could also add a few fake flowers for decoration.

Straw summer wreath colorful summer wreath colorful summer wreath made of straws Drink umbrella and colorful straw wreath summer wreath with bright colors

This is such a fun, simple and cheap colorful diy summer wreath. I am ready for a pool party, who’s coming with me?!



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