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Movie Party Desserts

For my nieces birthday she had an outdoor movie party and it was a blast. I made these fun movie party desserts with popcorn cupcakes and marquee light cookies! I know a lot of people are now getting to the time of year where it is nice enough outside to do outdoor parties. We are sadly at the end of that time of year here so we will be moving the parties indoors. Even for an indoor movie night or slumber party movie night these movie party desserts are a fun treat! Everyone at the party loved the desserts.

For the popcorn cupcakes you need:


white frosting


yellow food coloring and flavored extract

divide marshmallow in half keep making marshmallow pieces yellow food coloring put marshmallows on cupcake popcorn cupcake

Take a marshmallow, rip it in half. Then rip the halves in half. Mix a drop of yellow food coloring with flavored extract. You can take a paint brush and paint the yellow on to the marshmallows. You can also take a spoon with a little of the yellow on it and drizzle a little over the marshmallows. Also, if you don’t want “butter” on your popcorn just leave it off all together. Then put the marshmallows on top of a frosted cupcake and you are done! These were really easy to make.

For the marquee cookies:

sugar cookies in star or letter shapes

yellow royal icing

yellow Sixlets or M&Ms

piping bag outlinefill in cookieadd sixletadd more sixlets

if you need a recipe for the icing or sugar cookies there is one here: Put royal icing in a decorating bag and cut the tip off, just a little bit so the icing can get out. It is better to cut less then cut off more if you need to. Outline the cookie with the royal icing, then fill in the middle and blend it together with a tooth pick. Add sixlets starting at the top spread them out slightly but fill out the entire cookie. You can add some edible glitter to the icing to give it extra shine if you want them to really sparkle like lights. Then let them dry and they are ready to party!

movie night cookies movie party cookies star movie party cookies

Aren’t these cookies so cute?! I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different with the cookies and I love how the marquee light cookies turned out. Both of the movie party desserts were a big hit at the party.

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Hi I'm Val! I love coffee and cupcakes(breakfast of champions), getting crafty with my daughter and making easy DIY parties to celebrate all of life's special moments. Come party with me!

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