DIY Marble Serving Tray


DIY Marble Serving Tray! Make this pretty serving tray with marble edges to match any party colors

I’m really in to the marbling trend lately. It is so easy to marble things and the end result is always pretty. For drinks I like to take plain serving trays from the dollar store and dress them up to give them more of a theme. With marbling you can use any color combination. I went with pink blue and orange. I love how the colors look to together! It is easier to marble a tray than cups and you can serve any kind of drinks on the tray.

What you need to make this tray:

white plate or serving tray

nail polish in 1 or more colors

disposable pan or bowl

marble nail polish

Fill a disposable dish, bowl or pan with room temperature water. Drop a few drops of nail polish(I did about 5 of each color). Take a toothpick and gently swirl the nail polish by moving it back and forth, then up and down across the dish. Dip the edges of the serving tray one at a time into the dish. If you need to add more nail polish after each one. You could also dip the entire top of the tray in the dish. Let it dry and you are ready to party!

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Such a simple do it yourself and you can use any color combination to fit your party.


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