Tissue Paper Dream Catcher

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Tissue Paper Dream Catcher and snowflake tissue paper dream catcher

I have been wanting to make a dream catcher for a long time! As a kid there was a time when I was obsessed with dream catchers. I had a dream catcher necklace I loved to wear. Now I’m an adult and haven’t grown up too much because I still love dream catchers. I am loving all the dream catchers I have seen lately at parties and with decor. I also have been trying to make my place a bit more snowy and decorate with snowflakes. I decided to make a tissue paper dream catcher in a snowflake pattern. Sort of an I’m dreaming of a white Christmas dream catcher! I was going to make a yarn one but I have a ton of tissue paper that I wanted to try out making it out of that. I love how it turned out and now I want to make a few in different sizes to hang up together. You can also make other snowflakes to hang around. To make this easy tissue paper dream catcher you just need a few materials.

What you need:

Tissue paper in one or two colors

Embroidery hoop (you can also make a few in different sizes)

Hot glue gun


fold tissue paper into small triangle

Take a piece of tissue paper fold it into a square by folding it in half then folding it in half the other way(vertically and horizontally). Take the bottom left tip and fold it up to the top right creating a triangle. Fold the top left tip down to the bottom right. Then fold it in half to make a small triangle.

Draw design and cut out shapes

You can download snowflake templates online or you could be like me and draw out your own pattern. If you get a template you can make a really fancy intricate snowflake. Then cut out where the lines are drawn or cut along the lines in the template.

open snowflakerotate top layers

Unfold it and see what you have. If you are keeping it as a full snowflake rotate the top two layers(there should be 4 layers) slightly so it has 8 points. If you want it round you can just leave them all together. Glue the layers together to keep them in place.

Tissue paper fringe twist the tassels

To make fringe tassels fold a piece of tissue paper in half. From the bottom up(the side that isn’t folded) cut it into strip about 1 inch thick. Cut to about 2 inches from the top. Then cut the piece into 3 pieces. Take one of the pieces and unfold it, then roll it up in the middle part that isn’t fringed. Twist that part around and form it into a loop. Put the twisted part over the hoop on the bottom. I made three and spread them out slightly on the bottom. Glue them in the place where you want them with hot glue. You can also use ribbon for this party and just tie it on.

glue hoop IMG_8035

Put glue on one side of the hoop and press that side firmly down on the snowflake.

IMG_8038 IMG_8040

On the top remove the screw, insert the ribbon and tie it together.

IMG_8177  IMG_8182  IMG_8192

Keep it as a snowflake or round out the edges to make it more like a typical dream catcher. It is a fun winter dream catcher! I love working with what I have around the house to see what I can make it into and I really love how this turned out. There will definitely be more dream catchers in my future!

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