Thankful Balloons!

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Thankful Balloons. Write what you are thankful for on a balloon to show thanks this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Do you usually cook for Thanksgiving? I have never been the one to cook everything for Thanksgiving. I can make a simple side dish and bake a pie. My mom usually cooks the turkey and most of the meal. I will help out with what I can but cooking just doesn’t come naturally to me. I am thankful for my mom for all that she does around the holidays and really year round. I am thankful for my entire family because I really lucked out with an amazing family! I thought a fun way to show what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving is with thankful balloons. You can decorate balloons with fall leafs and write what you are thankful for. They are easy to make and fun to take pictures with so you can remember what everyone is thankful for. You can take pictures all together with the balloons as a background or individually holding up the balloons. A fun way to show thanks!

Glue leaves Press leaves onto balloon Tie twine on balloon Tape leaves onto string

Put glue on the back of fake leaves and press them firmly onto the balloon. I put 4 or five leaves spread out on each balloon. Then tape leaves to the ribbon or twine. Put the clear tape on the back side so it wont show.

write what you are thankful for

Then write with sharpies what you are thankful for!

Thankful balloon, show what you are thankful for Show what you are thankful for with a thankful balloon, cute for pictures Fall leaf balloon with what you are thankful for written on it

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