Pinterest Fails, What You Are Doing Wrong

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Pinterest Fails what you are doing wrong

Pinterest fails! We’ve all been there, right? If not then in the words of Chris Farley ” well la de fricken da” aren’t you special(maybe I’m a bit jealous). My worst Pinterest fail was when I tried to make cake pops. I saw a cute picture of cake pops and thought that doesn’t look too hard, right?! Wrong, I ended up with clumpy balls of cake that were falling apart and a huge mess. I had to go with plan B and buy some cookies from the store :(. I may or may not have ended up shame eating all of the messy cake pops. They did taste good at least! I like to look at the pictures of pinterest fails because they are hilarious! If you can’t laugh at yourself and others what is the point of life?! Sometimes we fail so hard that we just give up on that type of project. Luckily after my first fail at cake pops I tried again and now I am cake pop obsessed! Pinterest fails happen to the best of us but here are a few ideas of what you are doing wrong so you can kick that projects butt the next time! If at first you don’t succeed try try again. These are all about baking because that is the area I have seen the most fails in and have my own experience in failures! Unfortunately I haven’t taken pictures of all of my fails. Some would be good for a laugh!

Pinterest fails, what you are doing wrong:

  1. Not letting baked goods cool before decorating it. This is the problem I see the most often. I know we live in an instant gratification world so waiting for something to cool seems nuts. Who’s got time for that?! Pop on some Netflix while you wait and the time will fly. Just make sure it is completely cool before frosting a cake etc. You can also freeze a cake to make it easier to frost.
  2. Cooking time. I find that any time something says 20 minutes it never takes a full 20 minutes, usually more like 15 minutes. Every oven is different and what takes one person 20 minutes could take another person more or less time. The key is to check on it before the full time.
  3. Frosting type. The main thing I have learned with frosting is buttercream is hands down the best for decorating. I love whipped cream frosting but if I’m trying to make a cute design that’s not gonna work.
  4. Not enough frosting. It takes a boat load of frosting to decorate a cake or cupcakes. When I made my daughters first cake I ran out of frosting and had to run out for more ingredients. Of course, I was making it last minute and had to rush. Procrastinator for life! Cakes need a couple layers of frosting so you don’t get any bumps or crumbs showing. Cupcakes also need a good amount of frosting for height. My daughter likes to just lick off the frosting and not eat the cupcakes so we need a lot ;).
  5. Too much or not enough batter. I’ve seen a lot of overflowing. Try to follow the instructions of how much to fill up the pan. Remember things rise quite a bit so don’t add too much.
  6. WInging it. The other day my mom and I made pumpkin bread. We didn’t have a bunch of the ingredients so we basically changed the recipe completely. It turned out ok but a bit mushy. Try to prepare ahead of time and make sure you have all of the ingredients. I don’t always follow this advice. I like to make little tweaks. Sometimes it turns out great and other times not so much. Usually I will try to make something as is the first time and if I feel like it is missing anything I tweak it the next time.
  7. Skill level. When I first started baking I tried a few things that were just way beyond my skill level and failed miserably. I think it is a good idea to work your way up to big challenging projects. Build up your skills and then try that 4 tier castle cake. It’s good to challenge yourself but be realistic.
  8. If you are a beginner find tutorials with thorough instructions. Youtube videos have been really helpful(and addictive) for cooking and baking. I am not a natural cook but I have learned a lot from videos and detailed picture tutorials.
  9. Directions. Read through the directions thoroughly and make sure you didn’t miss any steps or ingredients. I just love when I forget something like eggs and realize it halfway through baking! Also, if you don’t understand something in the instructions just leave a comment and ask. Bloggers are super awesome people who want to help and really really don’t want you to fail.
  10. Cake pops. I am giving them their own number since I have had my frustration with them. Make sure to add enough frosting when mixing with the cake crumbs. It needs to be like a solid dough and not have cracks. Refrigerate them before dipping in chocolate. Use candy melts for coating because they dry quicker.
  11. When all else fails there is always wine! We can’t do it all and it is OK to fail. Don’t get down on yourself, celebrate your attempt with some wine! I’m a glass half full kind of gal ;). Have a plan B in case things don’t work out. Sprinkles can be helpful if something looks messy. Practice makes perfect so don’t give up and I’m sure you will kick butt the next time.

I didn’t even really try baking until my daughters first birthday (3 years ago). I just discovered a love for making cute desserts and now I can’t get enough! I’m still not a professional but I can make some cute treats. If you love doing it keep doing it. If you hate it then find someone else to do it. Just remember you can get more laughs from a fail than something perfect. Fail hard enough and you could get years of laughs. That is priceless!

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