DIY Washi Tape Letters

DIY Washi Tape Letters for a kids room or birthday party decor! - Copy

DIY washi tape letters are a great decoration for a kids room or for birthday parties. My daughter Keira is obsessed with letters right now. She has to point out any time she sees a letter especially K for Keira. She wanted a K for her room and we will probably get the rest of the letters in her name to hang up in her room. I first wanted to try out a K. I was thinking glitter letters but didn’t want to deal with the mess. My place still has glitter from the last glitter project ;). Decorative tape or washi tape are so easy to work with and pretty.


What you need to make it:

Wooden or cardboard letters(you can find them at Target or a craft store)

Washi tape or decorative tape



Start at the top and put a piece of tape straight across, cut off the part that hangs over. Continue to put one piece at a time straight across until you get all the way to the bottom. I alternated with two colors of tape. You can alternate with different colors or patterns. Then cut off any extra pieces in the middle(depending on the letter).


Put a piece of tape on each side piece lining it up with the front and cut off any extra in back.

Letter with washi tape for kids bedroom or party decorDIY Washi Tape Letter

I am a little obsessed with washi tape now! It is just so easy to use and makes everything pretty.

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