Fun Fruit For School Lunches

Fun Fruit For School Lunches- get lunches ready for school with easy fun fruit, the best way to get kids to eat fruit -Val Event Gal

Keira starts school this week! Last year she would eat everything in her school lunch besides the fruits and vegetables. I am struggling with getting her to eat fruits an vegetables. Especially the vegetables, anything green she will avoid like the plague! Fruit I can work with a bit. I wanted to make her fruit for school lunches fun with silly faces and animals. For some reason candy eyes just make any food more fun. If I have to add a dot of candy to get my kid to eat fruit I will!


For the silly faces I just cut an orange in half, put on candy eyes, used a blueberry for the nose and half a strawberry cut in a fun shape for the mouth. I then wrapped it in press and seal to keep it together in her lunch box. You can also cut up the orange in slices and hold it together with plastic wrap.

Cat and dog fun fruit for school lunches

For the dog you can use half an orange or apple. The dog I used half a blueberry for the nose and small strawberry slices for the mouth and tongue. Thin apple slices for the ears and thin strawberry slices for inside the ears. For the cat you can also use half an orange or apple. I used a triangle piece of strawberry for the nose. The whiskers I cut a blueberry in half then cut each half in half. Thin pieces of strawberry for the mouth.


I love having fun with food! Even though I am always making desserts I enjoy making healthy food fun too! What tricks do you have to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables?

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