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Bacon & Eggs Banner - brunch banner made with cardstock paper - Val Event Gal

Who else loves brunch as much as I do?! I think most people like brunch and breakfast foods. I am not the best cook, baking I can do but cooking I find more challenging. Maybe I’m just more motivated by sweets! However, breakfast foods I can kind of pull off. Not anything crazy complicated, although my bacon flowers are impressive ;)! Seriously, check them out here if you haven’t yet:¬† Bacon, eggs, french toast, and pancakes oh my, so many yummy brunch options. I made this bacon & eggs banner for a brunch. It was the perfect simple decoration that I whipped up with cardstock paper and ribbon.


What you need:

Yellow, red, and white cardstock paper


hole puncher




For the bacon take a sheet of red paper and cut it into three pieces. Cut the top and bottom edges into a wave pattern as shown above.

IMG_6258 IMG_6256

Cut white paper into 1 inch strips. Make the top and bottom edges in a wave, squiggle pattern. Glue two pieces of the white paper onto each of the red pieces evenly spread out.

IMG_6245 IMG_6259

For the eggs take a piece of white paper and cut it in half. I cut them into uneven ovalish shapes. Take the yellow paper and cut small circles. I used a circle cutter and cut 2 1/2 inch circles. You can trace around a cup to cut circles.



Punch two holes in each bacon and egg piece. String the ribbon through the holes.

IMG_6287 IMG_6284




Bacon and eggs have never looked so cute! I think every occasion could use more decorations and color. This banner brings extra bright fun to brunch! What is your favorite brunch food? I’m obviously a bacon fan but french toast is also one of my favorites!

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