Silk Flower Centerpiece

Silk Flower Centerpiece

I love playing with any kind of flowersl! This silk flower centerpiece anyone can make. I always thought this look would be hard to make yourself until I discovered floral foam. It makes the shape for you and you just have to put in the flowers. You can make a centerpiece or floral balls to hang up. You can make them with fresh flowers as well. You would just need floral foam for fresh flowers, cut them a few inches from the base and no gluing required! Either way it looks really pretty for a centerpiece. I used a medium sized vase I had. You can use dollar store vases or candle sticks to give it more height. I love the look on candle sticks!



Medium sized foam ball for silk flowers(you can find this at any craft store)

6 bunches of 6 silk roses or other round flowers(craft stores have them or go the cheaper route with the dollar store)

hot glue gun

vase or ribbon if hanging

IMG_5190 IMG_5192 IMG_5196 IMG_5197

If you are hanging it up tie a ribbon around the ball before putting in the flowers, you can glue it so it stays in one place. Glue the base of the flower and press it  firmly into the foam ball. Place a second flower close to the first one. Close enough to cover the ball but not too close where they are tightly packed because you will need a ton of flowers. You might want to put a few in to see the spacing and then glue them. Continue all the way around the ball.

IMG_5210 IMG_5212 IMG_5217

Then all you need is a vase to place it on top of. I filled the vase in with a few petals but you can leave it empty. I love this looks with white or red flowers. I also put some flower petals in the vase.

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