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Pirate Party DIYS - pirate sword and eye patch- Val Event Gal

I love pirate parties it is a classic theme that never goes out of style. When I was a kid my dad built a pirate ship playground in the backyard. How cool is that?! We would dress up like pirates and play pretend pirates all the time. That is why pirates have a special place in my heart. Acting like a pirate is so much fun and having a pirate party is fun too! I made these pirate party diys with foam paper. Then kids can have sword fights without anyone getting hurt! Really easy to make and fun for parties or just pretending to be a pirate aaarrggh.

What you need to make the sword and eye patch:

black foam paper


printable pirate skulls for decoration


Trace a circle around a circular object like a small cup. Poke small holes with a pencil on the left and right side. Repeat with as many circles as you need. Cut out the circles.

IMG_5727 IMG_5728 IMG_5731


Put the ribbon through one of the holes and tie it twice so it stays in place. Repeat on the other side. Glue on the skull decoration if you want.

IMG_5769 IMG_5770 IMG_5771 IMG_5772


Take a piece of foam paper and cut it in half. Draw the shape of a pirate sword. I used a plate to trace the long rounded part on the edge of the paper. Move the plate 3 inches to the right and draw the line again. Then at the top use a cup or just by hand draw a semi circle so the top is pointed. Leave the bottom three inches of the paper blank for the base and cut it off. Then cut out the sword shape.

IMG_5611 IMG_5613 IMG_5614


Cut off the bottom 3 inch piece for the base. Cut that piece in half. Cut it into a T shape. Repeat with the second piece. Put glue on one of the pieces.

IMG_5616 IMG_5617 IMG_5618 IMG_5623

Put the top sword piece on top of the glue. Then glue on top of that and press the pieces firmly together. Glue the skull decoration on top if desired. Let it dry.

Pirate Party Diys 1 -Val Event Gal Pirate Party Sword and Eye Patch Pirate Party -Val Event Gal


The pirates are ready to party! These are also fun just to play with at home and my daughter loved making them with me!


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