Pineapple Coconut Yum!

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Pineapple coconut yum! This drink is so yum I decided that’s what it has to be called. It is like a vacation in a glass or in this case in a pineapple! Why drink from a regular cup when you can drink from a pineapple?!

The past couple of weeks have been unbearable hot in Arizona. We had a week or so with tempatures all over 110, yuck! I just want to bathe in a tub of ice all day and drink frozen drinks. Luckily I will be getting out of the heat for a little bit soon. It is basically mandatory to go on vacation in the summer when you live in Arizona. To make things a little bit more tolerable I have been making lots of frozen drinks and swimming almost every day. I have also been on a huge pineapple kick I love to eat them, look at them, and decorate with them! When I have a nice pineapple drink I can imagine(or hallucinate from the heat) that I am on a beach drinking out of a pineapple. I had a whole weekend without my daughter, which is a rare occasion as a single mom. I decided to make it like a little staycation pool, pineapple drinks and a mani/pedi. I missed my daughter but it was amazing to just relax! This pineapple drink I made was delicious, definitely super fruity and girly because if I’m going to go fruity I go all out! You can make it with or without alcohol, I went with it because I was on “vacation”. I drank it out of a pineapple but I didn’t want to go through the effort of scooping out the middle of the pineapple so I cut off the top and bottom and put a cup in it. Just bring the cup you are going to use when picking out pineapples to get the size right.

IMG_4529 IMG_4531

If you are drinking out of a pineapple first cut off the top then the bottom. Hold the cup up to it to make sure it is the right height.

IMG_4532 IMG_4533 IMG_4536 IMG_4538 IMG_4539Then cut out the middle, you can hold up the cup and make little marks around it with a knife to know where to cut. Then push out the middle. You can also just cut off the top and scoop out the middle if you want to drink right out of the pineapple. I went with the lazy way.

IMG_4541For the drink you need:

1 cup of fresh pineapple

½ a tube of pineapple concentrate (you can substitute pineapple juice then don’t add water)

2 tablespoons of cream of coconut

8 oz of water for nonalcoholic or 2 oz of water and 6 oz of coconut rum

1 cup of ice.

Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth, add more ice if needed. This will make 2 large drinks.IMG_4599IMG_4586

I put sprinkles on top because everything is better with sprinkles! Whipped cream would be good on top as well. Then relax and enjoy! This is a perfect pool party drink.


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